Tinkerer's Folly

Runs like Clockwork

Founded by Gimble Daergel, a gnomish inventor and artisan from Gor Andirihm, whose autonomous inventions had begun to irritate the dwarves of the city. After spending some time on a "forced vacation" with his family in Oak Shire in the Spire woods, Gimble broke ground in a mountain pass on what would be his new workshop and home for his family, the Daergel Estate.

After working for several years, Gimble came up with a way to control his automatons, and use them to help create more efficient models. Eventually, he had an idea for a humanoid automaton, one built in his image, the peak of technological greatness!

When nearly finished, something terrible occurred, Gimble had a heart attack and died, bent over what would have been his greatest invention. His pain and agony sent ripples through his psychic bond with his clockwork and steam powered creations, and when he finally died, they began the work of finishing his greatest project for him.

Dismembering Gimble, and his family, who were still alive at the time, they began attaching limbs and body parts to the small metal gnomish figure, and when they were completed, it arose as the new ruler of the Daergel Estate.

The Estate, now referred to as "Tinkerer's Folly" by outsiders, is controlled by the clockwork abomination, and inhabited by other clockwork and abominations like himself, which the locals of nearby Oak Shire refer to as "Tinkers".

Alternative Name(s): Daergel Estate

Type: Village

Population: Unknown

Related Ethnicities: Tinker

Inhabitant Demonym: Tinkers

Location under: Spire Woods

Owner/Ruler: Tinker King