The Continent of Vruduin

The largest continent on Luridel, Vruduin is the birthplace of the Dwarves, though while they still slumbered, it was inhabited by the early Elven progenitors, the Eladrin.

Natural Resources
  • Precious metals, stone and gems in the mountains.

  • Timber (Pine, Oak, Cedar, Ironwood) and game in the forests

  • Farmlands in the plains

  • Fresh Water inland

  • Natural Gases

  • Coal

The continent of Vruduin is look at by many as the "birthplace of life" on Luridel, where the Dwarves awoke from their slumber of creation. It is the most widely inhabited of all the continents of the world.

Alternative Name(s)

Referred to as Aedin by Eladrin and early Elves.

Type: Continent

Included Locations:

  • Blighted Peninsula

  • Elddar Forest

  • Oakmyst Forest

  • Spire Woods

  • Blighted Peninsula

  • Bleakshore

  • Drakescale Isles

  • Shattered Bay

  • Serdian Wastes

  • Jaggedtooth Peaks

  • Tamarial Forst (Greater and Lesser)

  • Goldenglow Lake

  • Cauldron Lake

  • Ivy Marshes


  • Kelaron

  • Tythis

  • Gor Andirihm

  • Freehold

  • Kestat

  • Oakshire

  • Tinkerer's Folly

  • Kethos

  • Dunshire

  • Halfton

  • Bottlethrop

  • Ironport

  • Thornestone